Unveiling the Symbolism in Revelation

The purpose of this writing is to unveil the symbolism contained in this glorious vision so that Jesus Christ is revealed. This vision is not to be interpreted carnally; it is not about future historical happenings, such as a world-wide physical famine, a physical 1000-year reign, physical wars, etc. God wants us to know who Christ is in us, and the work He is doing in us, so that He can shine forth through us in all His glory!  Since He is spirit, He is hidden from our physical eyes.  In order for Him to become visible to us, we need to see Him spiritually.  Just as the Christ was hidden in the physical Jesus, so He is now hidden in those who have been born again.  The unveiling of the Christ within us takes place when we recognize our union with Him, and His nature becomes our nature.  All fleshly thinking and actions have to be overcome.  In this vision we see what God does to rid us of all our fleshly reasoning and ideas.

Understanding this vision makes us aware of God's eternal power within us, and brings us encouragement in the midst of apostasy, difficulties and trials.  It takes us out of the natural realm and brings us into the spiritual realm - into the precious results of the internal workings of God in us.  John saw the saints who had overcome the nations - and these nations symbolize all the opposing forces that are raging in the carnal mind against Christ.  He saw the new Jerusalem, the bride of Christ, the perfected church!  In the unveiling of the symbolism we learn about the challenges and victories in the life of believers in their transformation into the image of Christ!

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