Archived Writings by Lloyd Ellefson

Edited by Ernie and Mary Kroeger

In the early 1980’s when we were enroute  to China, we had a 3-hour layover in Minneapolis, where we were met by a good friend, Harvey Fishel, a great admirer of Lloyd’s.  Harvey knew that we had a long flight ahead of us, so he supplied us with reading materials. Among the books were pamphlets written by Lloyd.  His writings introduced us to a spiritual understanding of the scriptures.  This was new to us, and we eagerly devoured his writings and listened to his tapes!   Eventually we got to transcribe and edit them.

Explore the categories below to read the result of these transcriptions.

Fresh Manna Earlier Writings
Natural and Spiritual God and our Lord Jesus Christ
Identification The Cross
Our Growth Process Insights into Hebrews
Creation Apostasy
General Insights into the Gospel of John
Grace The Good Seed
Redemption Judgement
Truth Versus the False The Fall of Satan
The Dividing Wall