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I am Ernie and Mary Kroeger's daughter, Bev. I'm so thankful to my niece and nephew for maintaining this website even though Mom and Dad have passed away.

I attended Mom and Dad's Bible study for many years and assisted Mom with it in a special way after Dad's passing. She taught the Bible Study in her own home until Covid protocols shut it down 5 months before her passing at almost 102.

Mom had a very special and precious relationship with God. At 95 years of age she was widowed and continued to live in her own home independently despite her blindness. She describes this time in her article, "Life after Death" - her life after Dad's death.

A month before Mom passed away, I asked her if God had said anything special to her. She said yes. God had said, "Don't be afraid!" I asked her how she could do that and she simply said, "I know Him!"

I cannot in any way replace her, but if anyone wants to connect with me you can do so at this email address.