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No God, One God, or More

By Mary Kroeger

Who would say that there is no God, no Supreme Being, who created the universe? That the wonders around us are accidental, that the billions of stars that surround us were not made by anyone, that no one keeps them on a steady course, and no one has put laws within them and causes them to function in perfect order, and perfect time, that no one has hung the earth in space, to spin itself, to keep the oceans from falling off toward the sun, that no one has ordered the sun to give the earth day and night, and tilted it so we get seasons? Without the magnetic poles we would not be able to navigate the trackless oceans of water and air. Who would say that they just got there? Who would be so foolish to say that a house or watch just happened –that they didn’t need to be planned and built or made? But many insist that the universe just happened - just happened! It just evolved out of a big bang or whatever on its own. No one to plan it, no one to create it!

Look at the complexity of the human body. The human heart will beat for 90 years or more without faltering. It is devised in such a way that it receives enough rest between beats that it can work year after year! A good kidney will filter poison from the blood, but will leave the good things untouched. How does it know the difference? What causes the pancreas to retain a level of sugar in the blood suitable for energy without this invisible thermostat to regulate it? Then there is this little appendage called the tongue. Who gave it the flexibility to form words? Who gave humans a brain to understand words, and birds and animals to understand their language? Who gave humans the ability to accumulate knowledge, learn techniques and have creative ability? Who showed the uterus how to take the love of two persons, and cause it to grow by splitting up a tiny fertilized ovum and then in due time, a baby would appear with the right number of eyes, ears, fingers and toes, mouth and nose? Who told it when it was old enough to sustain life outside the uterus? Who taught the baby how to cry? Where did life come from? Humans have not yet learned to build something that can take care of its own needs, yet some insist that the universe and all that is in it just evolved out of nothing or out of a big bang that happened out of nothing.

Who would say, “There is no God”? Why would those who say that there is no God, pray when they are in danger? Why do they suddenly believe there is a God? Is it because in the recesses of the heart God planted a knowledge of God? Is this why the great King David wrote, “The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God’? (Ps. 14:1) It is the foolish person who does not want any authority nor standards in his life, that says there is no God. It is the foolish person who wants to be the god of his own life, and therefore disregards the fact that there is a God! It is the height of pride and presumption, to think that we can do away with God by declaring that there is no God! In the light of the overwhelming evidence that God must exist, to deny His existence is beyond absurdity! Neither does the denial of His existence do away with Him!

Our eyes are very limited in what they are able to see. Our inability to see the invisible does not nullify its existence. If it did, we would also have to say that wind, air and electricity do not exist. Yet we know they exist because we see the evidence of their existence. So also, although we cannot see God, we see the evidence of His existence. Why should we be so irrational as to ​accept​ proof in one area, and deny it in other areas?

Why do so many not want to embrace the existence of God? Is it because in their imagination they have formed an image of God that they do not like? They argue that a God of love, all power and authority, would not allow evil, like murder, rape, abuse, hunger, pain, wars, etc., to exist. He would exercise His power to eliminate all that. They therefore claim that He does not exist.

They do not understand that God’s thoughts are higher than man’s! God’s purpose in Jesus Christ, is not only to do away with evil, but also with the carnal mind of man that conjures up all the evil. Even death itself shall be destroyed! This includes all the perverse, vile, wicked, immoral, corrupt, vicious, deceitful, dishonest, fraudulent, manipulative, lying, scheming, sinful, unethical, unfair, unscrupulous, evil deeds!

What is the picture of God that is formed in man's imagination when he speaks of Him? Here is the problem! Since man cannot see the invisible realm, each mind carries a different picture. So man, in his ignorance, tries to put a form to God. Man’s imagination creates many different ideas and forms of God. The art of man then makes gods of wood, silver, gold, precious stones, endows them with certain powers, and then orders people to worship them. Even sacrifices have to be made to them. Man wants to make his own gods - gods he can control by his man-made rules. By pleasing them with scarifies, man thinks he can make them do what he wants them to do. First he makes them, then he gives them powers, and then he worships them. To empower them, he calls upon the evil spirits to do their tricks. (Isaiah 44:9-20; Psalm 115:2-8)​

Since humanity does not want to submit itself to the true God, it creates its own religions! By its own philosophies and effort it seeks to overcome evil with good. Their rules and ideas become a religion. The gods are handmade and the religion is manmade. Their imagined god is always against the true God!

The true God of the universe is not like the gods of this world! He never comes into being, He always IS! He never changes! Man did not make God; God made man. God is spirit, God is truth, God is light and reality! He is love, all powerful, omniscient, omnipresent (present everywhere at the same time), holy, faithful, keeping His promises, full of grace, merciful, compassionate, forgiving and kind! He does not treat us according to what we deserve! “He was in Christ Jesus, reconciling the world to Himself, not counting their trespasses against them.” (2 Cor. 5:19) God is not our enemy. He so loved us that He gave His only begotten Son to die for us! It was we who were at enmity with God. We needed to be reconciled to Him!

This is the God of the universe! He is supreme! There is no other God beside Him! Whatever He says, will happen! He has the power and ability to make it happen!

Our God is ONE God! He is not three Gods. Nowhere do the scriptures speak of God the Son, or of God the Spirit. The human mind cannot understand the unity that is in spirit. (1 Cor. 2:14) Therefore, it always supplies the lie! We speak of ourselves as being body, soul and spirit. We do not divide ourselves by saying, “John Doe, the body, John Doe, the soul, or John Doe, the spirit.” John Doe cannot be John Doe if one part is missing. God is spirit and the Word is His communication with us!

He is one Supreme Being! Three Gods do not equate into one Supreme Being. Only one God can have all power and all authority! If there were more, the power and authority would have to be shared, and no God could have all authority!

God has proclaimed that His salvation is for everyone! Every knee shall bow before Him – of those who are in heaven, on earth and under the earth! That includes everyone! Every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God, the Father! (Read Phil. 2:5-13)

In 1 Cor. 12​:3​ we read that no man can say, “Jesus ​is Lord” except by the Holy Spirit. A forced admittance that Jesus Christ is Lord would not glorify God, nor would it be the work of the Holy Spirit! To bring everyone throughout the generations into this understanding is clearly the work of God! He is the only One who can cause us both to will and to do of His good pleasure! (Phil. 2:13)

God’s plan is not limited to forgiving all, and taking everyone to heaven! His plan is much greater! Forgiveness alone does not necessarily change people. God’s plan is for natural man (man without God) to become a spiritual man - a new creation! This man is created in righteousness (a man who is like God)! This new creation is to be brought into the exact image of Jesus Christ! What a wonderful plan for each of us!

We know that God is able to work out this plan to perfection because He has the ability to keep His promises, and He always keeps His promises! He has never failed, and He never will! Our patience may run out, but His patience doesn’t! Without Christ there is no hope for anyone, but in Him there is hope for everyone!

We pray that God will reveal Himself to us, and that the light of the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ will shine in us and forth from is! Truly, there is only one God! Let’s worship Him in spirit and in truth!

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